Best Sit Stand Desk for You

Check out our video for an insight on how we improve your posture within minutes! Standing too long is just as bad as sitting too long, and so we developed a great product just for your posture health. Why put your posture in jeopardy when you can decrease the risk of pain?

Easy Lifting from precisely engineered gas springs. Save yourself the wrist pain from struggling to sit and stand from your station! Adjusting the height is as easy as pressing the two handles located on the side of the workstation. Ergonomically created for ease of grip. Yes you heard that right, the handles are ergonomic as well! Ensuring you the best experience that a sit-stand should be doing.

This desks stretches a big 38″ across which leaves you more space for other work! Capable of not only a monitor but enough for paperwork or another laptop. Why settle for a desk that is too cramped for your needs?

A stand for your tablet in order to work effectively and efficiently. Designed to allow prop up your tablet for the perfect view while still being able to have a good look at your monitor. This tablet stand secures the tablet even while in motion whether you’re going up or down.

Keyboard and mouse platform is below the level of the main table to cater towards the ergonomic needs of the arm wresting position. It is vital that the arms are not lifted too high which obstructs the natural flow of blood. The design is made to improve wrist posture and tendon pain caused by improper positioning of the wrist and arms. Designed to not only help the back posture but decrease the risk of carpal tunnel and nerve pinching!