The AMRV200 displayed below can be used to offseta monitor by 100mm to the left or right with monitor mounts that come with a 200x100 VESA hinge. Please note that this kit cannot be used with 100x100 VESA hinges

This kit comes with 2 brackets and 4 mounting screws. The brackets should be placed on the monitor as shown below:

The screws used here should be the VESA mounting screws that come with you monitor mount and not the screws from the AMRV200.

Once the AMRV200 brackets are fastened to the monitor, the 200x100 VESA hinge bracket can be placed as in the diagram below and fastened with the 4 screws supplied with the AMRV200 kit:

You can now carefully attach the monitor to the monitor mount:

  • AMRV200
  • VESA