This post covers the installation of a monitor which supports 100x100 VESA onto a standard VESA Mount at an offset to what would be the standard method for placing the monitor on the mount.

Offset Installation with the AMRV100A

The diagram below shows the 4 brackets shipped with the AMRV100A kit:

These brackets will be used on a 100mmx100mm VESA supported monitor:

Each of the AMRV100A brackets would be placed over the VESA holes of the monitor as illustrated below:

The AMRV100A comes with 2 sets of holes on each bracket. The middle hole is used in this illustration. The outermost hole should be used if a longer offset is desired.

The next step is to fasten the brackets to the mount using the screws provided with the AMRV100A:

Refrain from tightening the screws. This will keep the brackets movable so that they can be adjusted to fit the VESA hinge bracket. The next step is to match the hinge bracket to the AMRV100A:

Adjust the position of the VESA hinge to align the pre tapped screw holes and use the VESA screws provided with the Mount to attach the bracket to the hinge. At this stage, all the screws should be tightened to keep everything in place.

The monitor is now ready to be attached to the mount. It is best to have a second person assist with the monitor mounting to ensure no damage the monitor:

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