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Amer Mounts is committed to providing a wide range of best-in-class solutions for the Healthcare Industry. This intuitive series has been designed for professional caregivers and helps establish smooth workflow within the workplace as well as making clinical documentation and medication dispensing easy.
This model is designed to support one display such as a monitor, tablet, or all-in-one PC. Individuals are able to adjust the height of the cart and monitor with the multiadjust mast, to a desirable position as well as adjust the screen to share your display with others. Additional storage is provided under the desk surface for smaller CPU units and additional attachments are provided for larger CPU units to be added onto the backside of the cart. A built-in fan is included under the desk surface providing ventilation to any CPU units kept inside the desk. The large wheels at the bottom of the cart allow for easy cart movement and use push lock technology that lock with one push and unlock with another. Additional bins can be added such as garbage pails, storage bins, and medicine drawers.

Additional information

Overall Load Capacity

1~10 kg

Net Weight

18.7 kg

Packaged Dimension

760 x 726 x 283 mm

Display System Hinge Module Swivel


Display System Hinge Module Tilt

-5° ~ +25°

Display System Hinge Module Pivot


Display System Hinge Module User Torque Adjust


Display System Display Support Mounting Pattern


Display System Display Support Display Type

Single Monitor

Display System Display Support Panel Size Support

≦24'' Suggested

Display System Display Support Max. Weight Load

2~8 kg

Display System Height Adjust Range

130 mm

Display System Height Adjust Tension Torque Adjust


Working Space Type Desk

Open Workspace

Working Space Dimension

516 x 406 mm

Working Space Max. Load (including compartment loading)

1~10 kg

Working Space Protection Skidproof at edge


Working Space Protection Rear Handle


Caster No.


Caster Locking/ Brake

Front 2

Caster Low Noise


Main Lift Height Adjust Range

400 mm

Main Lift Tension Torque Adjust

Yes (Locking the Display & Main Lift are always essential before the cart setting for move.)

RoHS/REACH Compliance



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