If you are currently using the AMR3S and were thinking about adding another monitor. We have a few different options available to upgrade your existing mount. The most common method is to add a 4th monitor on top, and upgrade to the AMR4S+ model.

This involves using your existing mount, and adding the AMREM1 to the top to support the 4th monitor. This part number included the collar, the pole, and the vesa mount with the required hardware to mount your monitor. 

• All four monitors have 360º rotation, meaning landscape, portrait, or anything in-between (although the central two may be limited due to monitor dimensions).

• Also included is a +/- 20º tilt in any direction Individually for ALL 4 Monitors, ensuring maximum user comfort.

• Height adjustable, with a maximum height of 12.8″ (from the desk to the center of the mounting device) for the first row and a max height of 28” for the top monitor.

More information can be found here : AMR4S+ Upgrade

With this simple upgrade you can change your whole gaming experience.