Universal Adjustable 2 x 2 feet Drop Ceiling Projector Mount, Suspended Drop-in Ceiling Projection Mounting Kit, White
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The Universal Projector Drop-In Ceiling Mount removes the hassle of traditional mounting options. Quick and easy to install, so you can enjoy your projector with no headaches!


Custom Placement

2′ x 2′ Reinforced steel lay-in ceiling plate has 5 mounting points for easy adjustment & alignment. Shown in middle placement. Rotate tile and/or use one of the other 4 placement choices. Additionally, the plate includes cutouts for 2 standard outlets for mounting additional equipment or electrical components.

Universal Design

Its unique design, array of drop extensions, and cable management allow the mount to adapt to almost any installation.

Small projectors – use 3 arms instead of 4 provided If mounting points are smaller than universal spider, simply rotate the arm(s) under the universal spider plate.

Large projectors – use 4 arms provided Simply rotate the arms to suit.

Very Large projectors (with mounting points over 12 inches apart) – use the optional extension arms (AMRP10057) to extend the arms from 12 inches up to 15.7 inch reach.

High Quality Engineered

Featuring a reinforced steel plate and cast aluminum mounting head, this lightweight mount can support projectors up to 30 lbs. Its cast aluminum construction provides a strong, lightweight, heat-dissipating platform that is perfectly suited for mounting any A-V projector in a suspended ceiling.

Cable Management

Easy management to ensure that all cables are tucked away for an aesthetic appeal.

Tools and Fitment

​No need to buy extra parts in order to mount your projector! All screws, washers, tools are included in order to ensure perfect fitment.

Flexible Alignment

​180˚ pitch & yaw, 360˚ rotation with lock-down for perfect A-V projector alignment

Includes clips, safety support cable, mounting hardware, and tool kit

2×4 Foot Ceiling Grid

Have a 2×4 foot ceiling grid? Convert it to a 2×2 with our AMRTBAR24 2 foot T BAR for suspended ceiling (sold separately)

Optional Poles Adjust

Choose from any extension tube or combination that’s right for you. Available in white, silver, and black color variations:

AMRE5003(B) 3″ extension

AMRE5006(B) 6″ extension

AMRE5012(B) 12″ extension

AMRE5024(B) 24″ extension

AMRE5048(B) 48″ extension

AMREADJ1626(S)(B) 16-26″ adjustable extension pole

Tubes allow internal cable management and can be combined to form lengths. eg. 6 inch +12 inch = 18 inch tube.


The standard packaged arms supports mounting points up to 12″ apart. An extension arm kit is required for mounting points that range from 12″ to 15.7″ (sold separately).

AMRP10057 (white), AMRP10057S (silver), AMRP10057B (black)

Additional information


2′ x 2′ Ceiling Plate


Steel Plate, Cast Aluminum Mount


8.9 lbs (4.07 kg)

Support Weight:

30 lbs (13.61kg) Load






AMRDCP100KIT Spec Sheet

AMRDCP100KIT Installation Guide 


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