Dual Vertical Mount Grommet max 32″
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The AMR2P32V is a vertical pole style adjustable monitor mount for LCD / LED TVs. Made with
industrial grade steel and aluminum alloy to ensure reliability and ease of use. This mount has the
ability to hold two monitors with a maximum length of 32” and weight of 26.5lb each vesa plate.
AMR2P32V features :

1. Easy Cable Management cover & column to make the cables tidy & well arranged.
2. The gap of each display monitor can be adjusted while height can be adjusted too.
3. The Smart Torque Adjust is always available at every Hinge Module to cater towards different
weight specifications
4. Quick Release ™ on each ARM to ensure ease of removal or installation.

Additional information

Mounting Pattern:

200×200 / 100×100 / 75x75mm


Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic


3.25kg (7.17lbs)

Support Max Weight:

12kg (26.5lbs)(Per plate)

Support Flat Panel Size

24” – 32”


AMR2P32V Spec sheet  P1

AMR2P32V Spec Sheet P2


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