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Articulating Amer Mounts - how to position the height of your monitor

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2016 Projector and Monitor Mount Brochures

Single and Multiple Monitor Mounts Quick, easy mounting solutions for your display needs Hard Surface Projector Mounts Quick, easy mounting solution for solid surface ceilings Drop Ceiling Projector Mount Quick, easy mounting solution for suspended ceilings

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AMRP10057 - Extension arms for your AMRP100

If you own a projector with mount points exceeding 12 inches, you will need to get the AMRP10057 extension arms. These extension arms will support projectors that have mounting points up to 15.7”. Here’s a list of projectors that require the AMRP10057:Epson Powerlight G6870Epson Projector H652AEpson 3000Epson H373AEpson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350Epson Home Cinema 5030UBGot [...]

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Offset Installation on a 200x100 Hinge

The 200x100 hinge assembly has holes for standard 100x100, 75x75 and 200x100 VESA patterns. There are also 2 additional holes in the center of the mount that can be used to offset a 100x100 VESA monitor by 50mm:When offsetting using just the hinge assembly, place the bracket with the center and outer holes for the [...]

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Offset Installation with the AMRV200

The AMRV200 displayed below can be used to offseta monitor by 100mm to the left or right with monitor mounts that come with a 200x100 VESA hinge. Please note that this kit cannot be used with 100x100 VESA hingesThis kit comes with 2 brackets and 4 mounting screws. The brackets should be placed on the monitor [...]

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Offset Installation with the AMRV100A

This post covers the installation of a monitor which supports 100x100 VESA onto a standard VESA Mount at an offset to what would be the standard method for placing the monitor on the mount. Offset Installation with the AMRV100A The diagram below shows the 4 brackets shipped with the AMRV100A kit:  These brackets will be used on a 100mmx100mm [...]

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